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Contractors partner with LIUNA Local 362 because of the value LIUNA members provide.

Here are just a few of the ways LIUNA makes your job easier by providing

  • The best trained, highest skilled, hardest working people in the industry with top notch training facilities wherever LIUNA members are working.

  • Training that meets or exceeds OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory standards.

  • Assistance making work safer, reducing accident rates, controlling workers’ compensation costs, and saving lives.

  • Ability to help firms meet hiring requirements to comply with city ordinances, community benefits agreements, and project labor agreements.

  • Automated tracking of project and bid opportunities.

  • A voice on issues of importance to the entire construction industry – including fighting for fair and comprehensive immigration reform, infrastructure investment that will make America more competitive and create good jobs, and protecting laws such as the Davis Bacon Act.

  • Affordable health insurance for construction workers and, in many instances, also other company employees.

  • Assistance to firms in accessing capital and bonding resources, providing marketing support, and navigation of MBE/DB certification processes.

  • A commitment to diversity and community unparalleled in the industry.

      Here is a list of some of our Local Contractors:

                                                 Laborers Local 362

                                                 Local Contractors

Asphalt Contractors:

     * HJ Eppel: 815-844-7269;

     * McLean County Asphalt: Scott Duvall


     * Rowe Construction: 309-827-0091;


     *Felmley-Dickerson, Jason Brewer- (309)275-2871;

     *J. Spencer, Brock Spencer-(309)454-5889;

     *Associated Constructors, Spencer Vanderrodt- (309)827-8522;

     *Hein Construction, Ciarron Graham-


     *Mid-Illinois Companies, (309)674-0717;


     *Stark, Dave Stark-(309)828-5034;

     *J.G. Stewart, Joe Stewart-(309)829-2964;

     *Quality Concrete, Don West-(217)519-1044;

     *Knapp Concrete, Steve Knapp-(309)965-2618;

     *Opperman Construction: 815-844-7725;

     *Otto Baum Inc.: 309-266-7114;

     * Scanlon Excavating: Beth Scanlon-


General Contractors:

     *Core Construction- 309-266-9768;

     *Bishop Brothers-309-243-5599;

     *Felmley-Dickerson: Jason Brewer- 309-828-4317;

     *Hein Construction: Ciaron Graham-


     *O'Shea Builders: 309-740-3430;

     *Otto Baum Inc.: 309-266-7114;

     * PJ Hoerr: Nick Hart- 309-888-9556;

     * River City Construction: 309-694-3120;

     * Vissering Construction: 815-673-5511;

Demo/Excavating Contractors:

     * Ironhustler: 309-691-9894;

     * Nord Construction: 309-829-6813;

     * Price Demolition: 309-686-1313;

     * River City Demolition: 309-655-0447;

     * Stark: 309-827-5034;

     * Scanlon Excavating: Beth Scanlon-


Fence Contractor:

     * Hohulin Brothers Fence: 309-965-2241;


     *Pipeworks, (309)820-9791;

     *Mid-Illinois Mechanical, (309)828-0459;

     *J.C. Dillon, Chris Dillon-(309)689-1586;

     *G.A. Rich, (309)447-6231;

     *Pipco, (309)692-4060;

     *Scanlon Excavating: Beth Scanlon:


     *Dries Brothers Inc.: 309-691-4535;


     *J.J Braker, (309)291-0463

     *M.R. Masonry, (309)698-0035

     *Otto Baum, Terry Baum-(309)266-7114;

     *Summit Masonry, Nick Hart-(309)888-9556;

     *Bruckner Masonry, (217)433-2970;

     *Neiss Masonry, Tim Neissly-(217)972-8103;


     *F & W Landscaping: 309-664-2666;

     *Grieder Landscape Services: 309-662-8527;

     *Penn Landscaping: 309-663-5513;

     *Prairie View Landscaping: 309-212-0205;